Monday, September 18, 2006

In the crashing waves
of love-sick sleep
where all the stars
dive and soar to meet the sand,
my heart echoes through boundless waters
"Come join with me & in me."
Your eyes lift to mine
through night's jeweled gauze.
I taste you, fleeting,
lightning on my tongue and lips
before dawn slides between us, waking the world.
My wish goes on her lips
as the sun rises to kiss yours.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In the secret places I pursue
Of candle wax and flowing sheets
Passion reigns and I am drunk
On wanting that which
Flows far from me
Far from my home.
You are a smoky mirror, a
Locked jade box,
Irresistible + untouchable
Realizations follow wanting
Just as pained and heady.
You purr and growl a song
I have danced to in dreams
And you haunt as a living ghost
No seance to summon or banish
Yet I still am kept from
Touching you
As all of myself is consumed
By half-colored visions of
What could be
If you too shared my universe
Of candle wax and
Flowing sheets.