Thursday, June 22, 2006

Under the Low Green Moon

Under the low green moon,
The stars reflected soft light
In the sweat that slid down your back.
Each a testimony and tribute to
Our union and our midnight wishes.

The breeze stumbled over itself;
I heard it among the roses and the
Surface of the lake,
Clumsy in its haste to witness
Our passion.

Under the low green moon,
I made you mine, territorial fingers
staking territory in scratch marks on your
Starlit skin.
And I remember clearly, you returning the favor
Inhaling the scent of nocturnal waters and
dew-silked petals,
You pinned me close, whispering your claim on
My body and my soul.

The dawn found us gone,
Washed pure by the early morning
And our union tucked away with secrets,d
reams, and the low green moon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh this has potential
Cmon fight the ADD


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